The Refinement of the Razer Basilisk V2

The Refinement of the Razer Basilisk V2

Bellas Restaurant – One of the most important things to consider when choosing a toy mouse to buy is its size, whether it’s comfortable in your hand and fits the style of your mouse grip – whether it’s a palm, claw or finger grip. The reason for this is that if the mouse size is too small for the hand, you may not also use the palm style if the style is used the most. I myself am more accustomed to using a medium-sized handle (not large or small) for Indonesians, and I am very comfortable using this Basilisk V2. As I wrote in the previous review, I can play games non-stop for 8 hours – except maybe to the toilet. I also feel perfect comfort with this mouse.

Basilisk V2 also offers 11 replaceable buttons – programmable buttons. I usually do not use the button under the scroll, which is usually used to change the sensitivity – including the two buttons below the scroll on this mouse. Nevertheless, the driversrazer Naga is my favorite mouse so far, as it has 12 buttons on the left side of the body – for the thumb. So I’m used to using the side buttons on a game mouse. The three side buttons on the Basilisk V2 are also very comfortable to use, although unfortunately not as much as the Razer Naga. However, the 1 side button on the front does not fit the place of my thumb, so it is not as fast as accessing the other 2 side buttons when the game is fast. So I usually choose to use these keys for functions that do not really require speed – such as opening a card (usually the M key on the keyboard). In addition, the 2 buttons on the side are very quickly accessible and easy to press.

Speed, accuracy and click on the Razer Basilisk V2 switch

Of course, the goal of accuracy and gliding speed will also be one of the most important considerations for your players in determining the mouse you want to use. Basilisk V2 is also perfect in this regard. Oh yes, since the accuracy and speed of the sensor also depends on the mouse pad you are using, I used the Razer Goliathus Control with this mouse. For erroneous accuracy and speed, this may not be what was expected. The specifications that Razer reveals for this Basilisk V2 sensor can reach 20 thousand DPI with Focus + optical sensor technology and an accuracy of 99.6{573e14993d15502a27d74223af3c5f16147910f00aa2c080dc0f2c5150e6685c}. In addition, it also offers acceleration up to 650 centimeters per second or 50G. Although no gamer actually uses DPI or the acceleration until it gets stuck, I think the Focus + sensor technology with 99.6{573e14993d15502a27d74223af3c5f16147910f00aa2c080dc0f2c5150e6685c} accuracy makes this mouse very comfortable to aim and slide.

From my experience trying it on Borderlands 3 and The Outer Worlds, this mouse is really perfect because it does not feel smooth, but reacts a lot – some mice sometimes react a little too smoothly to me. In this section I also want to discuss the click switch used. In fact, the Razer mouse was known for its double-click problem. I even bought the 1st generation Razer Naga 3 times and all three ended up having double click issues. However, I am very impressed with Razer’s decision to acknowledge the problem by replacing the used switch. In my experience, the click switch that usually ends in double-click is an inexpensive Omron switch – still used in game mice from several other brands.

On the Basilisk V2, Razer uses an optical switch that allegedly pushes up to 70 million. Before I decided to buy this mouse, I also had time to google the keywords “Razer Basilisk V2 double click” or “optical mouse switch double click”. As a result, the sentiment of netizen about this mouse or switch is very positive. At least I did not find any reports about double-clicking for Basilisk V2 at the time of writing this article. It seems that Razer has indeed managed to find a switch design that can avoid the most annoying problems in mouse history.