Benefits of Urea Fertilizer for Flower Plants

Benefits of Urea Fertilizer for Flower Plants

Bellas Restaurant –┬áThere are many ways to make our homes comfortable to live in. Besides designing the house to your liking, you can do it by planting flowers.

You can plant flowers in the garden or in pots and place them anywhere you want. A house with flowering plants will not only create a beautiful environment, but also create a touch of your own beauty for your home.

To grow and display peak flowers, great care is required. Flowers that are properly and properly cared for will grow to their best beauty.

One of the necessary treatments is to provide additional nutrients to flowering plants. These nutrients can be obtained from the fertilization process. They both use organic and inorganic fertilizers.
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Benefits of urea fertilizer for flowers

The nutrients that plants need in the form of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. In this article, we are going to discuss nitrogen. Vegetatively growing plants need nitrogen, like the leaves, roots and stems. This is also the variety of benefits of NPK fertilizer for quality mango trees

Common fertilizers used to add nitrogen are urea-based fertilizers. Here are the benefits of nitrogenous elements for flowering plants:

  • Nitrogen is important for plants because it is a macronutrient for plants. Where it is most needed for plant growth. At least 1 to 5 percent of the weight of the whole plant is elemental nitrogen.
  • With the nitrogen element of urea fertilizer, the growth of leaves, roots and stems of plants will be maximized. Flowering plants will grow quickly, many branches and dense leaves.
  • In addition to growing faster, plants also have stronger stems and branches.
  • Plants also need nitrogen to form chlorophyll (the substance of the green leaf). Leaves that have enough chlorophyll will appear greener and vice versa.
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How to fertilize flowering plants

The use of urea-based fertilizers can be carried out during the preparation of the planting site. You can mix soil, compost / manure, and urea fertilizer. Urea fertilizer 30 percent of the compost.

The next addition of urea fertilizer can be continued after the sowing period. Here is the dose and timing of fertilization after sowing:

  • When the plant is 20 days old, the dose reaches 40 percent organic fertilizer.
  • At 30 days, add other elements such as potassium and phosphorus. These three elements can be found in urea fertilizers, SP-36 and KCL. The three fertilizers were mixed in a ratio of 10:15:09.
  • In order for flowering plants to grow optimally, they can be added with liquid organic fertilizer. You can get liquid organic fertilizer from washing rice, washing vegetables, etc.

Mix this liquid organic fertilizer with water, usually in a ratio of 1 for fertilizer and 5 for water.

You use 200-300 ml per plant. Watering with this fertilizer can be done once every 10 days. As for regular watering, don’t do it often. because it can rot the roots of plants. Ideally, watering is done once every 2-3 days.

This is how you can take care of your flowering plants. Well-groomed flowering plants will look very beautiful. It not only satisfies you, but also makes your home more comfortable and beautiful.